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Drill is your safety knowledge guide. Our app delivers essential training on firearm handling and emergency preparedness. Gain the skills to protect yourself and others with confidence. Practice with exclusive content, boost your expertise and keep track of your progress in an all-in-one app.

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  • FAQ

    Drill: your interactive shooting instructor shot

    Who needs Drill 

    Drill is a unique mobile application for training in tactical shooting and self-defense. It’s a virtual personal trainer, like shooting instructor courses — convenient to use anytime and anywhere: trenches, shooting range, at home. Drill is always in your pocket, somewhere in between a fitness and an educational application.

    Drill app is suitable for:

    • Gun owners who want to keep their shooting skills up-to-date;
    • People who are fond of shooting;
    • Biathlon athletes;
    • Professionals from specialized structures;
    • Those who need training anywhere and anytime;
    • Those who need combat focus shooting instructor development course;
    • Who wants to improve and maintain their weapon proficiency;
    • Who would like to gain knowledge about the use of weapons but lack the time or opportunity to attend specialized clubs or find a shooting instructor or a trainer.

    Note: residents of Ukraine and combatants will be able to use the application for free until the war ends.

    What is unique about Drill?         

    Currently, there is no universal app in the whole world, that would teach gun owners safety precautions, proper weapons handling and help to improve shooting skills. People have to seek shooting instructor courses. But let’s also think about professionals such as security services, police and the military — they all need daily exercise.

    Although, there are several related apps, but they are all customized to suit very particular tasks, cost $100-200 and are made as complex devices, calculators, timers or statue books. And they certainly do not provide the skill of an experienced instructor shooting qualification.


    That is why the Drill project was born.

    Before that, we gathered focus groups among professionals, athletes, military, find a shooting instructors in different parts of the world. We conducted a survey of focus groups and checked the market research. Therefore, we are confident in the practical necessity of our application.

    Ukrainian and international experts — active military, athletes and representatives of security organizations — were involved in the creation and testing of Drill. All exercises are developed on the basis of many years of experience of participation of experts in real combat operations with the use of weapons and in shooting sports competitions.


    TOP-7 best features of Drill 

    1. The application contains a full course of exercises, lessons and tasks;
    2. In-built media player can be controlled by voice;
    3. Unique content is based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience of real use of weapons for both sports and combat purposes;
    4. Interactive tools for tracking the level of progress and skill development;
    5. Convenient and user-friendly interface;
    6. Progress tracking;
    7. Training constructor.

    The application is already available in the App Store and Google Play. There are three main languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian. Soon four more languages will be added — English, German, French and Spanish.

    What Drill includes  

    Currently, the app has two main courses with virtual training on pistol and carbine (AR15/AK74):

    • “Dry Basic Carbine” — a training course for obtaining and developing basic carbine skills;
    • “Dry Basic Pistol” — a course for users who wish to use “dry” training with a pistol as the main training in order to master and develop basic skills.
    • There are also 17 gun handling exercises available to users, which cover both basic exercises and self-defense exercises in low visibility conditions.

    All of them are formed into seven lessons, have different levels of difficulty and are suitable for training professional military, people who wants to know how to become a shooting instructor, police, athletes, civilians. Users of the application can also create their own training program with the ability to select exercises and lessons based on personal goals, track progress and receive live feedback from professional instructors.

    Extreme functionality of Drill 

    In the nearest future, we expand the list of weapons available for virtual training in Drill, as well as add new programs and individual exercises. In addition, Drill developers are already working on a unique functionality at the intersection of computer vision and machine learning, which will allow shooters to track the progress of training and receive online feedback from shooting instructor.

    “Our aim for the next three years is to turn Drill into a multi-platform universal tool giving access guns’ owners to special information. We are focused on a powerful expansion to the markets of the United States, Mexico, Brazil and the European Union”, — says the project founder Oleksandr Gusarov.

    Drill is very promising  

    Currently, experts note the growing popularity of extreme sports in the whole world, including practical shooting. Thus, the gradual increase in the number of gun owners supports the growth of global sales. It is expected that by the end of 2030 the market of private firearms and related areas, including tactical shooting, accessories and applications will exceed 38.6 billion US dollars!

    Did you know that            

    …more than one billion small arms are distributed in the world;

    … 857 million (about 85 percent) belongs to civilians;

    … in the United States alone, there are 326 million registered firearms in private ownership;

    … according to BusinesStat, in 2019 the global market for private firearms and related areas brought $ 8.37 billion and will grow by an average of 3.51% per year.

    Important information about Drill        

    The military tech startup Drill is one of the first Ukrainian ones in this field. At an early stage, the startup won several competitions and received grant investments from the USF Ukrainian Startup Development Fund.

    The Drill team consists of 20 people — combatants in Ukraine and abroad, high-class international shooting  instructors, participants and winners of international competitions, members of shooting associations. The whole team is concentrated in Kyiv.

    Co-founders of the startup: 

    Oleksandr Gusarov — military volunteer, IT-businessman with 13 years of experience, CTO of Forbes Ukraine, co-founder of the Wings of Justice charity foundation.

    Igor S. — professional military with 10 years of experience in Special Forces, ATO veteran, participant of combat operations in Ukraine and abroad, multiple winner of military competitions, co-founder of a tactical training school.

    Your shooting instructor. Download on your phone and start training today.